• Episode 28 – Become a Successful Coach and Build a Successful Practice

    One of the best ways to get your name out there is to offer the skills and experiences you’ve gleaned during life as a coach to others who are not as far along the path as you are. Today’s guest is Christian Mickelsen, a guy who has tons to share from his own experience and his mission to get the whole world coached. He’s ultra successful, sharing the stage with people like Tony Robbins and others. Today you’re going to hear Christian’s story, how he hired his first coach, how he decided to become a coach himself, and what he recommends to you to get your own coaching practice started now.

    • Episode 27 – Serious Cash from Course and Product Licensing

      Have you ever considered the possibility of licensing your informational products to other people or organizations who you allow to use your products for trainings and events? You might want to think it through because it can be a very powerful way to increase your revenue with very little extra work. Today’s guest, Robert Allen is a pro at entering into those kinds of joint venture partnerships where his long standing, powerful resources are used by others and they send him checks for the privilege of using them. You can find out how Robert has done this over and over to make serious cash.

      • Episode 26 – How To Discover Your Creative Time and Maximize Your Day

        Every person, every entrepreneur wants to be the most effective and powerful version of themselves they can be. But it doesn’t happen by accident, you’ve got to learn how to maximize your day in order for it to be a reality. If you want to do that, our guest today, Craig Ballantyne, says that you’ve got to learn what your personal “creative time” is and how to use it to greatest effect. On this episode Craig walks through his “3C” formula for implementing your own creative time and the mindsets that surround it to help you become the most effective and powerful version of yourself.

        • Episode 25 – How to Automate Your Online Sales Machine

          Suzanne Evans is today’s guest and she’s one of those people who has earned the right to stand before anyone as a coach and business leader. She’s gone from a $40K per year secretarial job to being the CEO of her own 5 million dollar business. On this episode Lisa gets Suzanne to unpack some of her most powerful tips about automating her business so that she doesn’t have to be present in the workings of it all the time. You’re going to hear personal stories of how those changes have impacted Suzanne’s life as well as ways that you can take the steps she’s learned to a deep and profitable level in your business.

          • Episode 24 – Repurposing Your Content Into A Marketing Machine

            If you want to get your business into the spotlight in your niche but don’t know how to go about doing it, this episode is especially for you. Today, Lisa chats with Seth Greene, author of many books and owner of Marketing Domination, LLC. Seth is a recognized expert in the area of online marketing and specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs create the kind of content that gets them noticed and is able to be repurposed into multiple channels to gain the exposure needed to launch their business several levels ahead of where it is now. In this episode you’re going to get so much value, be sure you set aside the time to listen and take notes!

            • Episode 23 – How to Successfully Use Video Marketing

              It’s a question you hear often, but is nevertheless valid when it comes to online sales: What could happen in your life and business if you were able to capture leads and generate sales while you slept? It’s not a pipe dream and it’s not theoretical. Real people are doing it every day. Today’s episode is a conversation Lisa had with video marketing expert Maria Andros where the two of them walk through the step by step method Maria uses to get attention, capture leads, and close sales – and every bit of it is automated. You won’t want to miss this conversation. It’s worth every second you spend listening.

              • Episode 22 – Joint Venture Opportunities to Boost Your Sales & Profits

                Joint Ventures could change your life and revolutionize your business – but how do you go about finding the exact, right relationships that lead to the very best JV opportunities? Lisa’s guest on today’s episode is Rich German, a coach and expert at helping others build profitable and truly world-changing joint venture relationships. Rich is the co-founder of JV Insider Circle, an online community that helps people with a great message to share find their ideal JV partners and boost their business and sales as a result. In this conversation you’re going to hear Rich and Lisa chat about the benefits of a JV relationship and how you can move toward a new business connection that could truly change your business. Check out the episode, and if you like what you hear, be sure to give us a review!

                • Episode 21 – 3 Ways to Make More Money

                  Today’s episode kicks off the new season with a HUGE promise: You can get more clients, make MORE money for your product or services, and earn more from the clients you already have through the one, simple tool you will learn about on this episode. That may sound like a lot to promise, and it is – but Lisa delivers in her characteristically genuine and confident way. And the good news is that in order to apply this one tool to your business you won’t have to do anything new or come up with anything different than you are already doing. Interested? Be sure you take the time to listen to this episode!

                  • Episode 20 – Get Paid to Speak

                    It’s been said that all the world’s a stage—and that’s never been truer than in today’s interconnected digital world.

                    Today’s guest understands that a stage is absolutely critical for everyone with a message or a product to share with the world! For over 13 years, our guest Pete Vargas has promoted speakers with a deep purpose and a vital message.

                    Through his passion and dedication, Pete founded Advance Your Reach and has developed a marquee team of speakers, marketers and support staff who share his vision of impacting 70 million people across seven spheres of social influence.

                    • Episode 19 – When You Can’t Sell, Give!

                      Have you ever wondered what to do when you aren’t allowed to sell? What if you’re in a space that isn’t designed for an offer? Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of my superstar clients who will blow you away with the success she has created in an industry known for being a “selling-free zone” – and she’s going to tell you exactly how she did it, so you can too!

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