• Episode 40 – 3 Lessons Learned From Successful Online Business Since 2009

    These 3 lessons learned from Lisa’s 7 years of doing business successfully online are simple but powerful. They are not theory. They are not feel-good. These are practical things Lisa has picked up along the way to building an Inc. 500 business. Today you will hear what it means that you need to “Eat Your Own Cooking,” why it’s so important to bring others onto your team, and why your irresistible offer is the greatest value you can give to your audience. Do yourself the favor of hearing what Lisa has learned. If you apply what she shares in this episode you could begin to experience the breakthrough you’ve been needing.

    • Episode 38 – How To Use WordPress To Build Your Online Presence

      One of the principles of building a brand and presence online is having your own “home base” on the web. It’s where people go to find you, your products or services, and most importantly – it’s entirely within YOUR control (unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc.). On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle, Lisa talks with Christina Hills, an expert at helping people establish their own web presence by teaching them how to use WordPress to build an incredible and functional website. If you don’t have your own web presence you need the info Christina shares on this website.

      • Episode 37 – Grow Your List Through Social Media Marketing

        This season’s theme is all about expanding your reach by getting your work online! On today’s show, we’re exploring one of the most powerful interviews from my Automated Income Secrets training series. My guest Nathan Kievman will be giving us the low-down on the best social media platforms and strategies to grow your list with people form your target market, plus how to nurture and convert those leads. Are you ready to get Sassy with me? Let’s dive in!

        • Episode 35 – How To Make Passive Income Through Automated Systems

          You landed on this page because you really WANT to know how to make passive income. That’s good because Lisa Sasevich has a guy on this episode of her podcast that can give you the straight scoop on making passive income through automated systems. His name is Mike Koenigs and he’s been working on internet projects since the days of AOL. Mike created some amazing ways to generate leads automatically and passively generate sales to solve his own problems. His systems worked so well he’s made them available to the general public. If you take the next 30 or so minutes to listen to this conversation you’re not only going to hear what Mike has done, you’re going to receive an invitation to see Mike’s video demonstration of how his systems work and what they can do for you. Interested? Give this a listen.

          • Episode 34 – How to Magically Attract Your Ideal Client

            Today’s guest is Dave Dee of GKIC, and his mastery is getting into the heart and mind of your customer quickly, especially using online tools. Dave inspires entrepreneurs and business owners on how to have more successful business that give them more freedom, more money, and more personal fulfillment. On today’s episode we’re going to cover the 4 most powerful questions you can use right away to identify your ideal client and create the perfect lead magnet to attract them through online methods. You’re also going to get a super cool free tool that you can use to see what search words people are using in your industry, plus learn a special technique to show you where your ideal prospect needs help and how can you communicate in a way that stands out to them.

            • Episode 33 – Simple Ways To Make Money Online

              If you want to make money online this is the episode for you.

              The man who’s sharing with us today is a professional at making money online. It’s almost like he invented the idea, he’s been at it so long. Marc Ostrofsky has made millions in the domain name space alone, having sold Business.com for 7.5 million dollars. And he’s done it again and again over the years with other domain names. But that’s not the only way he makes money online. Marc has 4 primary ways he makes recurring income online and today’s episode is a creative gold mine of information that he lays out for you to use to make money online for yourself. You won’t want to miss this one.

              • Episode 32 – Listen. Act. Trust.

                On today’s show, Lisa walks through her core principles of “Listen. Act. Trust.” in the context of getting your work online – allowing yourself to be your best self and help more people, make more money, and create the life you want. This is the fastest way to grow your reach, impact and sales!

                • Episode 31 – Positioning Your Offer In Successful Teleseminars and Webinars

                  If you are already selling your coaching or training online and are not conducting teleseminars or webinars, what are you waiting for? When Lisa discovered the “magic” that teleseminars and webinars bring to the sales process she was hooked – because her business exploded. But she’s not the only one. When she began doing her own teleseminars she was able to teach others how to experience the success she’d already discovered and one of those was Lisa Cherney. On this episode you’re going to hear from both Lisas about their journey into teleseminars and webinars and how those platforms have turned into tons more revenue and more personal and lifestyle time. Sound impossible? It’s not. Find out how they do it consistently to this day on this episode.

                  • Episode 30 – Building An Online Sales Machine That Works Long Term

                    There are many ways you can approach the task of moving your business into the online space. Justin Livingston is today’s guest and he’s an expert at all of them, serving as an advisor to most of the 7 figure online launch successes in recent history. On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle he’s pulling back the curtain to explain the 3 approaches you could take to building an online presence and why one of them is his “go to” model every single time. It affords him the opportunity to strategize and build a business faster and more securely than any other. You’ll want to hear this.

                    • Episode 29 – 5 Power Principles for Successful One to Many Sales

                      Sales is nothing more than helping people solve their problems. You want to do that, and you need to do it in order to increase your revenue and build that lifestyle you want. But it’s not always the best use of your time to sell one to one. On this episode Lisa is going to give you 5 powerful things you can implement into your digital offers that enable you to sell one to many and increase your sales in amazing ways. Each of these tips is laid out for you clearly and simply so you can not only understand it, but implement it immediately. Be sure you listen. This episode could change your income almost overnight.

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